The Stretching Exercises Bible: Learn How To Stretch With Dynamic Stretching And Flexibility Exercises - David Nordmark

The Stretching Exercises Bible: Learn How To Stretch With Dynamic Stretching And Flexibility Exercises

By David Nordmark

  • Release Date: 2010-10-28
  • Genre: Forme et santé


Discover How Stretching And Flexibility Exercises Can Help You Be At Your Best

The Stretching Exercises Bible is more than your typical book of static stretching
exercises. Rather, it is a complete flexibility training guide which
will help you increase your strength, stamina and energy levels easily
and naturally. The truth is that you could look and feel a million times better now if you only knew how to stretch properly. Everyone from athletes to office workers will find something within this book that will benefit them immensely. Within the pages of this advanced book of flexibility and stretching exercises you will find the following:

Deep Breathing Exercises - The simple
act of breathing deeply and with purpose can have an enormously
positive effect on the body.

Energy Exercises - These can be done anywhere at anytime to quickly revive you. Feeling rundown after working hours at a desk? No more.

Joint Loosening Exercises - The modern
world can take its toll on delicate joints like the knees, wrists and
forearms. These flexibility exercises can help reverse this.

Dynamic Stretching Exercises - These build strength and flexibility at the same time. They can be used before any athletic activity or as a routine in itself.

Classic Static Stretching Exercises – These are stretches designed for the following sports and conditions:

back stretches
stretches for the legs, feet, and ankles
stretches for the shoulders, neck and arms
morning stretching routines to start the day of right
stretches to deal with lower back tension
flexibility exercises for the following sports: baseball/softball,
basketball, cycling, football/rugby, golf, hiking/walking, hockey,
tennis/squash, running, skiing, soccer, surfing, swimming, volleyball,
weight lifting, and wrestling/martial arts

Imagine a lion or panther moving through a jungle, its supple yet
powerful muscles rippling beneath its skin. How does it maintain its
amazing condition? Because by instinct, all animals stretch. They do so
to keep their muscles limber and ready for action. The Stretching Exercises Bible will show you how to stretch and keep your muscles in the same kind of
peak natural condition. Whether you’re an athlete looking for new ways to
push his or her body to the limit or an office worker who is tired of
feeling sore and stressed, The Stretching Exercises Bible has something for you.